Choosing Between Agency and Freelancer

When you start a setup handling digital marketing on your own, it might be reasonable since you know your brand well. But when your business starts growing, responsibilities increase. Then it’s time to consider getting extra marketing help.

You may have started with fundamental marketing knowledge and a limited budget, which made going solo practical. But, with growth comes the need for more support. There are two options which everyone recommends. One is hiring an internet marketer. The second is a freelancer or partnering with a digital agency.


A freelancer is a self-employed marketing professional with experience. They often have worked for larger companies in the past. They offer their services and handle tasks on their own. These tasks are virtual help, writing, marketing strategy, email marketing and more. Freelancers are responsible for finding clients, delivering projects, and securing repeat business.



Freelancing is becoming popular, with 53 million Americans. We estimate that approximately 34% of the workforce works as freelancers.

Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency

A marketing agency is a team of marketers consisting of employees or independent contractors. They provide various marketing services to clients. Their projects can include social media marketing and email marketing. It also provides content creation, graphic design and business consulting. 

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Choosing a Freelance as a Social Media Marketer

Hiring a freelance social media marketer can be a smart choice for many businesses. Freelancers are self-employed professionals who provide services to many clients.

There are several advantages to working with freelancers. The primary benefit is cost-effectiveness compared to partnering with an agency. Freelancers are also self-reliant and don’t need strict guidelines from a company to achieve their objectives.

We need to be aware of some limitations. Freelancers may require more expertise and scalability compared to larger agencies. While they can be adequate for specific tasks, complex or extensive social media campaigns must have more resources.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Freelancer for Social Media Marketing


One advantage of hiring a freelancer is its cost-effectiveness. Freelancers charge lower fees compared to full-time employees or agencies. By choosing a freelancer, you can save on salaries and training expenses. Additionally, freelancers offer flexibility in payment arrangements. This makes it suitable for companies with smaller budgets.


Hiring a freelancer for your social media management means they can adapt to your schedule. They make quick updates to your marketing campaigns. Dealing with one person means smoother communication and accountability for their efforts. But, the downside is that freelancers may have other clients, making it harder to build a strong relationship.


Freelancers are self-reliant and can complete tasks without constant supervision. They have their strategies and processes, saving time on training. But, communication might be affected if there’s a significant time zone difference between you and the freelancer.

Priority Level

Freelancers have fewer projects, which allows them to rank your project. They work on your work with more focus, like having an in-house marketing professional. But due to limited resources, a freelancer might take longer to complete a project.


When working with a freelancer, you can discuss your expectations and set project timelines upfront. You have more informal communication through messaging or social media. It is more flexible and personal to discuss with them.

But it is sometimes difficult due to potential time zone differences. So, it can be challenging to coordinate communication with a freelancer.

Specific Expertise

Freelancers work with various clients, which gives them valuable insights into different business models and industries. Suppose you hire a freelancer with expertise in social media. They can bring innovative techniques based on their diverse experiences. An in-house employee might have a better understanding of your brand but could lack the breadth of knowledge a freelancer can provide.

When to Consider Hiring a Freelancer

Consider hiring a freelancer if your brand is small and you have a limited budget. You also don’t need to do advanced social media management; it is an excellent choice to hire a freelancer. You can also consider it when you don’t need the training and the experience of a person from your work.

Choosing a Marketing Agency for Your Social Media Marketing

A marketing agency is a group of skilled people who work together to handle various aspects of marketing, like SEO, Social Media and AdWords. They offer a practical solution, providing access to a team of experts without the expensive setup of creating such a team in-house. Yet, choosing an agency for your social media marketing has both advantages and disadvantages.

Team and Skill

Agencies have a team of specialized professionals who can handle different tasks, like content writing, graphic design, and strategy consulting. This diverse expertise is often more cost-effective than hiring individual employees or freelancers who may have only some of these skills.

Expertise in Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies own a team of experts who work together to handle different marketing tasks, such as SEO, Social Media, and AdWords. They use specialized marketing strategies and tools to improve your online presence on various platforms. These tools include social media analysis software, integrated reporting tools, SEO software, and access to stock image websites. Because agencies work with various clients, they gain valuable insights and experiences that they apply to different businesses.

Agencies have a reputation to maintain, so they will quickly tell against ineffective approaches and provide valuable guidance for your success. Their dedication to achieving positive results ensures they deliver quality client outcomes.

Time Savings

By hiring an agency, you save time on building and managing a team yourself. The agency’s project manager handles the coordination of their experts, making the process more efficient.

Handling Task

Digital agencies have more resources, which enables them to finish projects. They can spend their work more and. They have more people that work on the same project to complete it. Digital agencies handle many projects, and more prominent clients with larger budgets might take priority over smaller clients. Your project may not receive the attention it deserves in such cases.

Communication Process

Digital agencies usually have a structured communication process. They assign a dedicated project manager for each client, arranging regular calls for updates and progress reports. For larger projects, you may also have access to more team members.

But when you want to make extra calls, reports might come with additional costs. Some agencies may have a hands-off approach, which means they will only provide information if you request it.

When to Consider Hiring a Marketing Agency

Consider choosing a marketing agency if you have worked with partners before. You know to understand how to collaborate. Suppose you have an in-house marketing team but need more expertise in social media marketing. You can also choose them if you have a solid strategy and are willing to invest in growing your digital brand.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Freelancer or Digital Agency

Relevant Experience

Check whether the freelancer or digital agency has worked in your industry or niche. Look at the brands they’ve collaborated with and their understanding of your field. Hiring someone familiar with your drive is crucial to ensure they can create an effective business plan.

Track Record of Success

Inquire about performance data. While not everyone can provide it, some agencies offer specific scores and metrics from past campaigns. This information demonstrates their ability to deliver results.

Client Recommendations

Read genuine reviews from previous customers to gain insights into working with the freelancer or agency. Were they responsive and courteous? Did they handle crises well? 


The comparison between social media marketing agency services and freelancers helps you make an informed decision for your business. Each option has its advantages and considerations. Agencies offer expertise, resources, and comprehensive strategies. At the same time, freelancers may offer cost-effectiveness and personalized attention. Consider your budget, goals, and the complexity of your social media needs to determine which option aligns best with your business requirements. You can choose the right approach to elevate your social media presence by weighing the pros and cons.